Words of Worth

“See, listen to Your Dad!”

June 18, 2017

My Dad almost always knows the right thing to do in any given situation. My Mom knew when she married my Dad that he was truly “Mr. Right”. She just didn’t know his first name was “ALWAYS”.

Recently I had a couple of experiences which solidified Dad’s “being right batting average”. Since his hands are not as steady as they once were, I, on occasion, become his hands– like the day the burned out surface light under the microwave needed to be replaced so my Mom could see her stove better. I’ll spare you the details of how rare this bulb is, and how only one supply store three towns over even stocks the bulb, which given its price, must contain a gold filament or something. However, that challenge paled in comparison to opening up the surface light compartment, removing the burned out bulb, and replacing it by using the smallest screws and a Phillips-head screwdriver (thank you Henry Phillips). Did I mention this light was above the stove? Well, it was, and the chances of dropping the screws into the great abyss of the stove was as high as my Dad’s “being right” percentage!  Oh, and I did I also mention that even seeing the surface light compartment required the ability to spin my head like R2D2? Well, many were the instructions my Dad gave throughout the process— “Lay a towel over the burners in case the screws fall!”. “Hold the screwdriver straight!”. “Turn your head upside down so you can see what you’re doing!”. And the last instruction, when the mission was successfully completed, “See, listen to your Dad!”.

Speaking of bulbs, there was the time I recently planted a few lilac bulbs for my Dad. Again, I became his hands and felt pretty confident about my bulb planting abilities, and my special bulb planting shovel with the depth demarcations clearly indicated. Regardless, my dad showed up at the work site and supervised the planting. “After all”, he said, “if you’re going to do this, you want to do it the right way.” Sure enough the instructions came: “Plant them here!”. “Dig deeper!”. “Pat the dirt firmly!” And once again the mission was successfully completed. And once again, my dad said, “See, listen to your Dad!”.

I’m thankful my Mom married Mr. Always Right, and I’m grateful God gave me such a wise earthly father! His guidance and instruction always lead me in the right paths! Happy Father’s Day, Dad! You’re the best!

 “Hear, my son, your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching; indeed, they are a graceful wreath to your head and ornaments about your neck.”

Proverbs 1:8-9

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