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State to State-The Most Popular Mother’s Day Gifts

May 8, 2016

popular md gifts

On May 6, 2016, Time Magazine reported the results of Google’s search of the most popular Mother’s Day Gifts according to the fifty nifty states of the U.S. An unsophisticated tracking of the searches, which included “Mother’s Day” and “gift”, during the week leading up to Mother’s Day from 2004 to 2015, enabled Google to determine the most popular Mother’s Day gifts from state to state.

Moms in Washington, D.C. most likely received chocolate covered strawberries (Yum!), while mothers in New Jersey were more likely to receive “fitness trackers” (Boo! I’d rather track how many chocolate covered strawberries I ate)! From A to W, or Alabama to Wyoming, the most popular gifts varied from baby shadow boxes to tea infusers!

My mom was very happy that I did not hail from Nebraska, Minnesota, or Montana, and she was also happy that I wasn’t true to the state of Pennsylvania.  Sheepskin pillows didn’t make her wish list. See your state below.

While it is great fun to give and receive gifts on Mother’s Day, I think the true gift on this day is not the one we give our mothers, but the gift they give to us, their children. At least that’s true for me.  As much as I want to honor my mom with a gift and be creative about what I give her, I’m the true recipient of the blessings of my dear Mom! Her unconditional love, her years of nurturing that even continue today, her love and affection, authentic kindness and thoughtfulness, and willingness to set aside her own desires to meet my needs, and mostly her love for Jesus, are matchless gifts which transcend all geographic boundaries and state lines!

Once while Jesus was teaching to a great crowd, a woman, duly impressed with His words and wisdom, proclaimed:

“Blessed is the womb that bore you, and the breasts at which you nursed!” 

(Luke 11: 27b) 

Jesus did not deny that Mary was blessed to be His mother, but He did say more blessed are those that obey God’s Word: 

28 But he said, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!”

(Luke 11: 28) 

Thank you, Mom, for being my Mom, and for blessing me every day of my life because of how you live and love like Jesus! And Happy Mother’s Day to all moms—physical and spiritual! What you do is a matter of gravity—thank you!


The most popular Mom’s Day gifts state by state:

Alabama – Baby shadow box

Alaska – Love poem

Arizona – Bike cruiser

Arkansas – Jewelry

California – Cookies

Colorado – Cappuccino maker

Connecticut – Garden animal statue

Delaware – Edible arrangement

District of Columbia – Chocolate strawberries

Florida – Locket

Georgia – Picture frame

Hawaii – Cake pops

Idaho – Bracelet charm

Illinois – Orchids

Indiana – Roses

Iowa – Necklace

Kansas – Spa gift basket

Kentucky – iPad

Louisiana – Ring

Maine – Lemon bars

Maryland – Candle wall hanging

Massachusetts – Beach gift bag

Michigan – Fresh fruit basket

Minnesota – Bamboo wind chime

Mississippi – Chocolate gift basket

Missouri – Mini Keurig

Montana – Homemade lip balm

Nebraska – Bluetooth speaker

Nevada – Diamond pendant

New Hampshire – Birdfeeder

New Jersey – Fitness tracker

New Mexico – Cheesecake stuffed strawberries

New York – Charm bracelet

North Carolina – 3 picture wallet

North Dakota – Healthy cookbook

Ohio – Forever heart necklace

Oklahoma – Wine rack

Oregon – Edible fruit arrangement

Pennsylvania – Sheepskin pillow

Rhode Island – iPad mini

South Carolina – Michael Kors sandals

South Dakota – Manicures

Tennessee – Custom glass artwork

Texas – Birthstone rings

Utah – Facials

Vermont – Brownie delivery

Virginia – Day spa

Washington – Bamboo plant

West Virginia – Willow tree figurines

Wisconsin – Handmade flowers

Wyoming – Tea infuser


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