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My Dad

May 24, 2015

Mom and Dad

My Dad is celebrating his 90th birthday today, Sunday, May 24, 2015.

I met him when he was just 31 years old and he punched the doctor who delivered me because he was so happy to have a daughter. But my first real memory of him was when he was 33 years old and I was 2 years old.  He was waiting at the train station in Pennsylvania for my Mom, my brothers and me to return from visiting my grandmother in Florida.  When the train came to a complete stop, I saw my Dad’s face outside the window I was sitting by, blowing welcome home kisses our way. How did he do that at just the right moment?  I thought he was so magical!

My dad taught me how to ride a two wheeler when I was 5,  how to drive a Volkswagen stick when I was 16, and how to golf when I was an older adult.  How did he put up with me?  I thought he was so patient!

When I was 7 years old, the newspaper headlines predicted the end of the world was coming the next day and I was so frightened I couldn’t sleep.  When I came out of my bedroom crying to my dad, he told me not to worry because no one knew when the end of the world would be and that we would all be alive tomorrow.  How could he be so calm?  I thought he was so courageous!

My dad taught me that money didn’t grow on the pear tree in our back yard and to save my money for a rainy day and to work hard and take overtime opportunities while I was young and had the energy to do so.  My dad was quick to remind me when the recession came a few years ago, “It’s raining, Sheryl!”  How did he know?  I thought he was so wise!

When my brothers and I lied, he taught us the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” so that we would grow to be people of integrity and people who others would take seriously.  He taught us that family and friends meant everything, and that nobody in the world was like my Mother.  Was he able to say those things because he lived that way?  I thought he was so honorable!

My dad served in WWII as a navigator in the Army Air Corps. The war ended the day before he was supposed to take a crew across the Atlantic.  He said, “Hitler heard I was coming so he surrendered!” My dad served in local charities and even advised special needs teenagers to do community service like sponsor Bingo Night at a nursing home. How did he know how to do these things?  I thought he was so generous with his time and talents!

My Dad.  He tells everyone I am his favorite daughter.  I’m his only daughter so how hard is it for him to say that? I think my dad is so funny!

I met my Dad when he was 31 years old and I have no idea how he got to be 90 so quickly! My Dad.  Such a wonderful man!  How can I stop here when I could go on for 90 more pages about him? But I will stop for now and let the rest of you go on about if him you’d like.  You can find him on Facebook as Mertz Vasso.

My Dad. Magical, patient, courageous, wise, honorable, generous, funny…He’s the best and I’m so thankful. Happy birthday to my favorite guy in the whole world! And as My Dad always says, “May you live to be 100 and the last voice you hear be mine!”

Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you to infinity and beyond!



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