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January 2, 2015

resolutions“I am going to exercise on the treadmill five days a week, while holding one of the 75 books I will read this year in one hand, and a carrot stick in the other.” Read more books, exercise more, eat less food, and spend less money!

Sound familiar?

We are only one day into 2015 but it’s not too soon to ask how you are doing with your resolutions.  Did you know that 4 out of 5 people who make New Year’s resolutions eventually break them?  The statistic is even grimmer in that only a third will even make it to the end of January!

Experts say that the top resolutions are age old ones — lose weight and exercise, get organized, get out of debt, save more money, and spend more time with family.  The reasons most frequently given for breaking them are having too many other things to do, not being committed to the resolutions made, being too idealistic or emotional about selecting resolutions.  And while many tips are offered as to how to stay the path on keeping our resolve, such as choose just one resolution upon which to focus, the pessimistic stats encourage some to avoid making resolutions at all costs.  Instead, many look at what worked well in the past year and just continue doing those things in the New Year.  In other words, some resolve not to resolve, or to simply make “unresolutions”, hopeful that in so doing they will trim the odds of failing.

Regardless of the glum statistics and regardless of whether you are a resolution maker or not, I’d like to encourage you to resolve one thing which I think will impact every area of your life.  I’d like to encourage you to spend time every day of 2015 in the Word of God even if only for 5 minutes!  Words matter and God’s Word matters most of all!

“….incline our hearts to Him, to walk in His ways and to keep His commandments, His statutes, and His rules, which he commanded …”

I Kings 8:58


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