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Father Knows Best

May 24, 2014

89Today is my favorite and only Dad’s 89th birthday and many things can be celebrated about his 32,507.5 days of life (yes, I remembered to figure in leap year days)! Of course I haven’t known him all of his life, but I have known him all of my life. Profound, right?

From what I know, I can speak like an expert about the man he is and how he always knew best what I most needed. He taught me both my example and direct instruction.

He taught me to honor my mother because as the oldest son of Italian immigrants he honored his mother.  If he earned an extra quarter along the way, he gave it to his mother. When he was in the Army Air Corp in WWII, he wrote letters faithfully to her to put her heart at ease.  And in the last moments of her life, when that heart gave out, he was with her as a devoted son.

He taught me to cherish my brothers as he cherished his own siblings.

He taught me a good work ethic by the way he never missed work and taught me to punch in at 7:20 when the work day began at 7:30 and to clock out at 5:10 when the work day ended at 5:00.

He taught me to accept overtime work while I was young and still energetic.

He taught me to pay cash whenever I could and not to spend money I didn’t have and always save for a rainy day.

He always knows what’s best for me to know!

When I was 5, he taught me how to ride a two wheeler and when I was 9 he bought me my first bike with streamers hanging from the handle bars.

When I was 7 he taught me not to be afraid when I overheard on the news that, “The world will end tomorrow.”

When I was 15 he bought me an electric typewriter so I could spend the summer of my 15th year of life taking typing classes so I could be employable one day.  And one day I was employed! By him! As his secretary! And he taught me when I ran out of things to do, find something to do!

When I was 16 he taught me how to drive a stick shift because you never know when that will come in handy!

He always knows what’s best for me to know!

He encouraged me to value that education didn’t end until I at least graduated from college because even if I got married I would never know when my education would be needed to help my family.

He encouraged me to sit down in a rocky boat headed to Santorini even though I was afraid and thought it would be the death of us. What a great opportunity I would have missed!

He encouraged me to stand up for just causes and people I love!

He encouraged me to keep my head down when swinging my golf club and to look squarely into the face of my fears, and to get back in the saddle after totaling my first car.

He always knows what’s best for me to know!

He reminds me to always take pictures, keep in touch, and have a good time whenever I leave for a trip!

He reminds me to learn something new every day, to make a difference, and to treat others well!

He reminds me to tell the truth and to be a person of my word.

He tries to remind me how not to worry because my worry can’t do anything about what worries me.

He always knows what’s best for me to know!

Happy birthday, Dad!  Do you like how I filled up a large part of your 89 years? Thank you for always knowing best and knowing what I most had need of knowing!  You fill up a large part of my heart and I hope I make you proud to be my Dad!  And as you always say, “May you live to be 100 and the last voice you hear be mine!”  I love you very much!

Your favorite and only daughter,


“….for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.” (Matthew 6:8)

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