Words of Worth

Celebrating “Empty”

April 20, 2014

We do not always celebrate “empty”. An empty gas tank, an empty wallet, empty talk, empty promises, an empty crème filled donut, an empty cookie jar, an empty stomach when it’s time to take medicine, an empty bank account, an empty ATM machine when we need cash.

Yet there are two things at least that we can celebrate because they are empty. The first reality is that the Cross is empty. And the second reality is that the tomb is empty. As believing Christians, we celebrate that Jesus did not stay upon the Cross, but instead, He was buried and on the third day He rose from the dead.

empty tomb

Because the cross is empty and  because the tomb is empty, we can celebrate many full things. The full assurance of our salvation, the full armor of God, full assurance and understanding that the enemy of death has been defeated, full acceptance by God, full peace that our home in Heaven is secure, joy that is full, full grace and truth, full knowledge, full faith, full adoption as children of the King, full amazement that Jesus’ blood was payment in full for the penalty of my sinfulness!

 He is risen! He is risen Indeed!

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