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Count Up!

December 31, 2013

image It is not unusual on New Year’s Eve to count down to the New Year with the help of New York City’s Times Square ball drop. However, not every state in the United States drops a ball. Some countdown to the New Year by dropping a ruby slipper, an opossum, a Gibson guitar, an 80 pound cheese wedge, or a 100 pound yellow illuminated Marshmallow Peep or stick of Lebanon bologna (the last two are typical drops in my home state of Pennsylvania).

It is also not unusual to count the highlights of the exiting year. Thanks to Facebook,  this task is made easier for those with an account, since the social media generates a list of significant events from the last 365 days.

There’s something very exciting about counting down and counting back. But I think counting up is even more enjoyable. So as you count down to 2014, while watching some object fall from the sky, and while counting back to significant memories of 2013, why not count up some of the many things God would want you to remember as you usher in a New Year:

10. He will go before you
9. He will guide you
8. He will strengthen you
7. He will answer you
6. He will delight in you
5. He will give you rest
4. He will provide for you
3. He will bless you
2. He will be with you
1. He loves you!

Happy New Year!

Words of Worth

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