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And then what?

November 1, 2013

UnknownOne thing I’ve done repeatedly though the years is move! If I counted correctly, over the past 26 years of marriage to my “honey-do”, we have lived in two duplexes, two apartments, one rental house, and six other houses – two of which we built and one that we renovated. Whew! Recently we relocated back to our beloved south after seven years spent above the Mason Dixon line in Pennsylvania. Here’s what I’ve noticed about how we get settled into a new place once we move. We seem to do it in stops and starts – like a child’s growth spurts.

We arranged the furniture and then… nothing. No wall art or decoration, just functional living. Another day I organized my kitchen and then… nothing. A couple of weeks ago, in a mad burst of energy I finally put bedding in the master bedroom and then… nothing. One recent Monday morning, with tool bag in hand, the man of the house said, “Where do you want all this stuff to hang?” Right after that we rearranged the guest bedroom and re-boxed some items that didn’t make the cut and then… nothing. (That’s where we are now.)

And it hit me. My “attitude of gratitude” is just like my activity around the house. Stops and starts, bits and pieces, one day wildly productive and the next, a grumbling mess. Of course, God was getting my heart ready for His word because then I read this:

“Therefore since we receive a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us…”

If you don’t know the answer, what would your guess be? Let us do what?”

Answer: “Let us show gratitude…” (Hebrews 12:28 NASB)

Gratitude! For a kingdom that cannot be shaken! That seems too easy – but is it? Someone gives me something and I am grateful. But I am often grateful in direct proportion to the gift. I also don’t usually keep thanking them for it.

What kind of gratitude should be shown for a “a kingdom that cannot be shaken”? The ongoing kind that is “acceptable service” and is accompanied by reverence and awe.

Being grateful is my job for God. It’s how I serve Him. Unlike how I settle into a new house on this earth (which can and will be shaken), I need to show Him honor and reverence by being thankful all the time not in spurts here and there.

This prompted me to begin keeping a “grateful list” again. Here are a few of mine from the last couple of weeks:

Blue jeans that fit my preteen daughter
Wedding dress shopping with my future daughter in law
Confession that leads to forgiveness
Lavish answers to prayer
Safe travels
New growth

Everyday now I write down one thing I am aware of that only God can give and I stop for a moment because then… I am grateful. (ct)

PS – I am also grateful to know an amazing young lady who turned 13 today – Happy Birthday, Hailey!

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