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Picky, Picky, Picky

October 11, 2013

pickyMany years ago on an episode of Chuck Woolery’s, Love Connection, a television show featuring couples just back from their first date, one contestant reported his experience by saying:

“It all started out great.  She walked into the restaurant. She was tall, thin, and lovely, but when she turned around, I saw that she had dirty elbows.”  The guy went through with his date but knew the relationship was doomed.

Many describe similar disappointment when they can’t continue in a relationship because their friend wears socks with sandals or because they’re seven pounds overweight.  At the heart of this is that we are just picky, picky, picky and our fault finding poisons our perspective of potentially good things, people, or relationships and throws them over for lesser things.

Apparently the Israelites were picky, picky, picky also when they found fault with the manna that God provided for them in the wilderness. They became “fed up” with the same ole same ole six mornings a week and grumbled against God’s provisions, preferring the leeks, garlics, and onions of the days in captivity back in Egypt (Numbers 11:4-6).  They looked “back there” and their perspective was flawed and distorted and they feared their souls were drying up under God’s care (Numbers 11:6).  Yet we are told in Deuteronomy 8:4 that in 40 years their feet did not swell-a condition they would have had if they were poorly nourished.  Manna provided every nutrient they ever needed. However, because they were so busy looking “back there” they could not enjoy what God had placed right in front of them.

Interestingly their condition was not that they were being too picky, but it was a condition of ENVY.  We often think of envy as being unhappy about someone else’s happiness, or being happy about someone else’s unhappiness.  And, yes, that is a form of envy, but envy is also a heart condition which prevents us from enjoying what God has put before us because we are too busy comparing by looking “back there” or “out there” or “over there”.  Envy occurs when we fear that if we only have God and what He provides, we will not be sustained so we “need” other things.  We think if we only do what God says to do in His word, that obedience will hold us back. Or if we only have God, He won’t be enough. So we turn to other things that will never satisfy and we find fault with God and in essence say that God isn’t enough.

The problem with being picky, picky, picky is that our focus is “back there” to the free food of captivity, or “out there” to a better varied menu, or “over there” to juicy steaks,  instead of  “right there” in front of us. All that is enough is placed right there in front of us by a loving God who provides everything we need and who is ALL we need. (Sheryl)

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

Psalm 73:26

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