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Hearing and Walking go Hand in Hand

August 3, 2013

Isaiah 30A few weeks ago my mother was diagnosed with an ear blockage that several doses of antibiotics and steroids have been incapable of unblocking. Obviously her hearing in that ear is compromised and so I have to yell at her, the only time that this is not breaking a commandment, in order for her to hear what I am saying. Interestingly, the fluid buildup in her ear has affected her stability in walking. She is wobbly at best on her feet and depending on what is less dangerous for her to get around, she leans to the left or to the right. I often forget how fearfully and wonderfully we are created (Psalm 139). Imagine that hearing and walking go hand in hand!

The other day, while overhearing a conversation at the neighborhood Starbucks, one woman had to decide a certain path to take and her friend gave her some sage advice. I can’t remember the topic, partly because my memory doesn’t serve me as well as it once did, and partly because the woman’s response to the advice was more memorable. She said, “I heard everything you told me to do, and you’re very wise! But I’m only going to listen to the words that line up with what I want to do.” Amazingly honest and most likely what many of us think but hesitate to say out loud! Often the wisest way to walk is not the easiest path to take.

It reminds me of the Israelites! Okay, it reminds me of myself but it’s much easier to point the finger at the Israelites! How often do I hear from God exactly what I need to do in any given situation, but I choose to do what’s easier and more pleasing for myself. And then when I choose to not listen to God, I lean to the left or to the right, whatever works best for the path I choose to take which is often in a dangerous direction. My walking is affected by my hearing because they go hand in hand.

The next doctor’s visit for my dear mom may involve draining the fluid from her ear. She asked me if drainage was a painful procedure. I can only imagine. But spiritually speaking, I know for sure that drainage is painful. We are to be filled daily with the Holy Spirit, but there are things of the world that block that good filling. It can be what I read, what I watch, a relationship that is not of God, a lifestyle that causes me to sin constantly. God has been clear in his Word that love of the world puts me at enmity with God (John 15:19)

My mom’s anxious to get her blockage cleared up because she is hoping that her walking problem goes hand in hand with her hearing problem! I can’t wait for her to walk stably and hear well again. Then I can stop yelling at her! (sv)

And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it,’ when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.”
Isaiah 30:21

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