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It’s a Great Thing

July 27, 2013

imagesI have a devotional book I use every morning.  It’s a simple collection of verses – no commentary or cute stories – just a few Scriptures grouped around a common theme.  Not surprisingly, the “lead verse” often shoots straight to the heart of the matter that’s in the depths of my heart.  It happens with such regularity that recently after some disturbing late night news (not on television but in my little personal world) I crawled into bed with this thought, “Can’t wait to see what God does with this in the morning.”  Of course I knew He was already working on it (Romans 8:28 and Psalm 138:8) but I was anticipating opening the devotional book to get MY marching orders.  He didn’t disappoint.  He never does.

It’s interesting how some verses seem to repeat themselves.  When that happens I know to pay closer attention.  Repetition is a most excellent teacher.  So when I opened the book last week and saw Luke 1:49 again, at first I smiled.

“He who is mighty has done great things for me and holy is His name.” 

I’ve meditated on this verse several times lately.  In the months before and during our move I kept a list of “answered prayers” and the great things God has done for me is completely overwhelming.   Then I realized I was missing something.  It is such a small word but it makes a huge difference in applying this teaching.

The word:  “and”.

God has done great things AND holy is His name.

God has indeed done great things for me but for completion I must continue on and honor the Holiness of His name.

It made me think of Martha Stewart.  Such an obvious connection, right?  Hang on, I’ll explain.   Note:  If you are unfamiliar with Martha Stewart, click here:  http://www.marthastewart.com/

When Martha finishes icing a cake or transfers perfectly baked cookies to the ideal presentation plate, she announces, “It’s a good thing.”  And it is… all you have to do is watch her show for a few minutes before your mouth is watering. Everything she creates is stunning and delicious.  The camera will linger on the beautiful pastry and the “good thing” is the last image you see before the show cuts to a commercial.

But when we get “great things” from God, our gaze should linger on the GIVER of every perfect gift.  (James 1:17)   When I recognize the great things God is doing in my life, I should stop to ponder the Holiness of His ways.  The connection is clear:  God does great things AND Holy is His name.  And when people see the great things He has done for me , I must make sure the close up shot is on God – not on me.  My part is to graciously receive and then pass on the glory to the only One who deserves the honor and praise. Now that’s a “great thing”.  (ct)

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