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I’ll ask Dad

July 13, 2013

UnknownThe text came to me but the desired parent at the moment was my husband.

“Is Dad busy?”

“Hang on, let me get him for you.”

We often laugh at the “division of labor” that has evolved with our almost 21 year old son.  I get the calls and texts that are relationship driven.  Bill oversees the scientific and technology department.  The two guys can talk for hours about the next computer upgrade or apps they share on their iPhones.   And since William changed his major to Pharmacy, thus following in his father’s footsteps, they have another bond that keeps them close.

But times have changed.  Texts or calls from our son don’t come from an hour or two away in the same state.  Instead, several states separate us and we are more grateful than ever for the ability to stay connected across the miles.

So, in response to the text, I rounded up my husband, asked him to call our son and then did what any self respecting, secure mom who recently left her first born to live alone in a strange town would do… I hovered within earshot of the phone call until I knew every thing was ok.

It turned out to be “work related”.  Since June, William has been an intern at a large chain pharmacy, learning the ropes and working customer service.  On his morning shift, a man came in with a difficult medical question and William was faced with an unfamiliar situation.  At that point, I walked back to the house, smiling and thinking, “How typical – he’s asking his dad to reaffirm his counsel.”

But I was wrong.  My husband was actually talking with the pharmacy manager – the lady who hired our son.  She was on duty that day and took over the “case” when she realized it was out of an intern’s scope of common knowledge.  After the man left, she and William talked about the question and William suggested she call my husband to get another opinion.  The pharmacy manager is more than competent and we think quite brilliant (she hired our son) and of course, handled the situation accurately and professionally.

When Bill ended the call and told me what happened, I was stunned.

Me:  “Do you realize what just happened here?

Bill (bemused at me):  “What?”

Me  (almost yelling at this point):  “Your 20 year old son thinks so much of you and your opinion – he values your judgment and intellect to the point that he HAD HIS BOSS CALL YOU???  Do you see how HUGE that is?”

Bill (man of few words):  “Hmmm…”

We haven’t spoken of it since but like Mary, I have treasured and pondered that phone call in the depths of my mama heart.  There were so many factors at play that day but mainly I saw an example of faith and trust in the heart of my son. And I wondered what I would do in the same situation.

When faced with something I’m not sure about or think I know but need affirmation, is my first impulse to call my Father?

When someone comes to me with for advice or with a hurt or a question, do I say, “I’m not sure I know, but I know Who does.”

How strong is my faith and trust in my Father?

How willing am I to ask Him for help?  (ct)

“Call to me and I will answer and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”  Jeremiah 33:3



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