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Read a Good (Children’s) Book Lately?

April 5, 2013

Unknown-1Spring has sprung!  It has, right?  Well, the calendar says it has and Easter has come and gone and even though the wind is still blowing cold, it seems like everyone has a bit of “spring” in their step these days. Something about spring just makes us feel young again.  No matter that later this year that same calendar will remind us we are another year older, right now with the sun streaming through the windows, Sheryl and I feel a little bit like kids.   To celebrate Spring and that “kid-like” feeling, our first April book pick comes from the Children’s section of the library/bookstore.  Have you read a good children’s book lately?  If not, you are missing a treat!

Sheryl teaches Children’s Lit at Cairn University so she stays very current on what’s happening in the literary world for the younger set.  I (Cammy) have only recently re-discovered the wonderful world of books written primarily for kids ages 9-12 (or 5th – 8th grade).  This is partly due to my daughter being a voracious reader herself and the fact she’s a 6th grader this year in a school that fosters the love of reading!  The latest book Emily Grace and I read together is called “the summer of hammers and angels” by Shannon Wiersbitsky.  Here’s a partial synopsis…

Most folks have never seen an angel. I know, because I’ve asked them. I asked Miss Martha at the post office. “Maybe someday, Delia, God willing.”

God does a lot of willing in Tucker’s Ferry, West Virginia. Delia’s summer is getting off to a terrible start. First, an inspector shows up at the house and threatens to condemn it. Then lightning strikes, literally, and Mama ends up in the hospital. To make matters even worse…

Yes, I intentionally left you hanging.  You will want to read how Delia’s spunk and child like vulnerability bring together the entire community and if you can finish this book without finishing a box of Kleenex to wipe all the happy tears, please let me know!

You can purchase the book with a click right here – right now!


This book stresses the importance of love and kindness toward others.  Personally, it reminded me of what James tells us about the spirit of true religion.

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”

James 1:27


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